Telecaster project #4

I have finally gotten around to doing something with the nice fender select tele body that I got last year.  The body is a 2013 Fender American Select Malaysian Blackwood Top Chambered HH Tele body.  It is a chambered alder body with a malaysian blackwood top, and the finish is gloss-lacquer.

It came as just the body, no hardware nor electronics, and I got it for about $230 including shipping.  Not bad; the complete guitar new had a sticker price of upwards of $2,000, and came with a compound radius (9.5″ – 14″) birdseye maple neck, and a fender select tweed hardcase.


Fender equipped this model with 2 Fender Wide-Range humbucking pickups.  Cool, so I found a set for a great price.  I also got a Fender USA hardtail bridge for the project.

20150628_141029 20150628_141057 20150628_141048

The first thing to do was to polish out some light scratches, which I did with some success using my random orbital and polishing pads.


Next I needed to see about mounting and wiring in the fender wide-range pups that I got on a loaded 72 RI p/g from clist for super cheap.  Turns out that those particular pups are larger in size than typical hb’s, and the fender wide-range pups that went into these blackwood tele selects are regular humbucker size.  So, I could not use them in this tele without making the routes in this beautiful body larger, which I would not do for obvious reasons.
I ended up selling that wide-range hb loaded p/g and bought a set of new uncovered Gibson 57 classics, again, for way cheap.  I have heard great things about 57 classics and have always wanted to get a set.  So, they arrived and they are 4 conductor, which is groovy because I’ll do individual coil splits using push / pull pots for both the volume  and tone.  The 57 classics are also quick-connect, so I’ll make some adapters to allow me to connect to a conventional soldered harness without having to clip the quick-connect ends off.
Custom wiring harness:
– Fender 3-way blade switch
– .022uf orange drop capacitor
– two 500k push / pull potentiometers
– electro-socket output jack
– vintage-style cloth covered hook-up wire
I made these adapters so that I could keep the quick-connect ends on the 57 classics and solder to my custom harness:





Here are pics after getting it all together.  The neck is from a Fender USA Special telecaster, and it feels great.  I got a set of chrome pickup rings, and used a skull and crossbones barrel type knob that I’ve been saving for a project like this, and also a gibson style amber knob just to mix it up a little.
20150812_112818 20150812_112905 20150812_113005 20150812_113024 20150812_113044 20150812_113129
I still need to do a couple more things, like drill the 4th neck plate hole into the neck (and put in last screw) and get the coil-splits to work.  For some reason, after making the harness with push-pulls, pulling has no effect (no splitting), even though the 57 classics are 4-conductor (quick connects).  It may just be that they are still 2 conductor pickups, but with 4-conductor quick connects.  Need to contact Gibson.

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