3 humbucker strat pickguard with splits and TBX

I recently wired up a strat p/g with three Seymour Duncan single coil sized humbuckers and with this control layout:

pickups wiring
neck: SD Little 59 SL59-1n
mid: SD Little 59 SL59-1n
bridge: SD Hot Rails SHR-1
– standard 5-way
– orange drop .047 on tone 1
– vol pot: 250k push pull pot to split all hb’s when pulled
– tone 1 pot: 250k CTS audio taper pot
– tone 2 pot: fender TBX tone control wired for both mid and bridge pickups (treble cut, bass cut, middle detent)
– shielded pickup and control cavities

The end result is the neck little 59 splittable and with normal tone control, and the mid little 59 and bridge hot rails both splittable but also with the TBX tone control on them.

20140201_021057 20140201_011316 20140131_231218 HHH with split and TBX








3 comments on “3 humbucker strat pickguard with splits and TBX

    • Can you explain a little better? I soldered ground wires from pot to pot, as I always do. Are you saying that because the pots are also in contact with the shielding tape that I should not have the ground connections from pot to pot?

      Forever a student…


  1. Yeah hey. I learned a while ago that this is a common mistake and you are actually creating extra ground loops and they can sometimes pick up extra noise, especially with single coils. Our former amp tech (actually and electronic engineer) taught me this. So if you are going to mount the components to a shielding plate or tape, those wires from pot casing to pot casing are redundant and will possibly act as antennae to miscellaneous radio frequencies that may or may not be present in the given environment that the guitar is being played in– even though you will see this in virtually all mass produced guitars. The other common mistake is not creating ground continuity between shielded cavities, or not grounding the shielding tape at all if you have an isolated cavity lined with tape, say up at the neck position. Your wiring is beautiful though. Cheers!

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